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From 01 / 03 / 2024 to 31 / 12 / 2024

Deeply immersive yoga class

Morning Classes (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday): 8:30 - 9:45 am

Evening Classes (Thursday, Friday): 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Duration: 75 - 90 minutes

Teach in english / german

If you want an individual consultation and private yoga session with Luisa, don't hesitate to get in touch with the reception to set up an appointment. Individual classes are 90 minutes long and have an additional cost.


Yoga creates space for expression

Find your inner peace, feel the strength of your body and learn to breathe consciously. In these classes, Luisa will guide you through different yoga positions that encourage and challenge your body and mind. Individually adapted to the level of the participants to make you stronger through softness and movement.

What to expect

Luisa is known for designing her classes intuitively. For example, on some days, she focuses on a particular area of the body for students to pay special attention to that day, or she consciously works with an intention.

Morning classes have an activating effect and set you up for the day. In the evening classes, we work with the already existing energy of the day and thus let it end slowly and softly.

Sound alchemy and meditation

At the end of the yoga classes, a relaxing meditation awaits you, in which you can let yourself be carried by the healing sounds of singing bowls, wind chimes and selected fragrances.

Relax, dream, let go and immerse yourself in the experience of feeling completely in the here and now.


Luisa has been teaching yoga classes with her heart and soul for over eight years. After 500 hours of yoga teacher training in 2015 in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, she worked in yoga studios, teaches big groups and has given private lessons in Germany, Mallorca and worldwide ever since. With her loving, intuitive and straightforward way, she teaches all levels and audiences of all ages.

"Yoga means creating a space for myself and my needs. I am and remain a student and want to share the special time with my participants. Conscious movement and breathing brings us into the here and now, the most powerful place we can be."


30 €