Maristel Hotel Experience

Wellness & Spa

The best spa in the Tramuntana area

Our spa is the perfect place for you to reenergise and find harmony with every part of your body; physically, mentally and emotionally. The best Spa in the Tramuntana Mountains, where you can enjoy our indoor pool with its swan-neck water cascade, bubbles to relax your lower back, and contraflow jets; it is perfect to get a great massage. It also boasts a large Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a sensation shower as well as its iced-water bucket shower. You’ll hardly notice time slip by …

If you wish, and your body is calling out for it, you can also put yourself in the expert hands of our therapists to experience a Therapeutic massage, with the aim to treat and release tension in the muscles and soft tissues, while also seeking to regulate the functioning of the nervous system to reconnect with our inner feelings of calm and well-being. For all our treatments we only use essetial oil from SeaSkin Life Smell the Planet vibrational eco-cosmetics, a wellness concept inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean - modern well-being and a slow, laid-back lifestyle.

Get ready to live relaxation in all its glory!