Trekking / Hill Walking

Mountain lovers

Going for a walk in the fresh air started out as a simple pastime, yet now it has become one of the most complete sports you can do. It is one of the simplest and most pleasant forms of exercise one can do. If you're a big fan of the mountains, if you love to actually feel nature and fresh air... then getting to know the Tramuntana Mountain Range is a must. They are one of Majorca's most emblamatic and extraordinary landcapes; it is no wonder they were named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. Another thing of beauty is that , when you trek through it, you can really appreciate how solid its wall and tracks are. They were all built using the 'pedra en sec' technique (dry stone); a single touch of humankind which, even today after the passing of so many years, remains and enables walkers to pass through this incomparable spot easily and safely. A mountain range with natural surroundings and fantastic scenery, where a large amount of local flora and fauna is to be found. The Tramuntana Mountain range is, without a shadow of doubt, the jewel of the island of Majorca.

Discover the magic of the Galatzo mountain, the Mola d'Esclop trail or, in fact, any of the 11 most emblematic circular trekking routes around Estellencs.They are perfect for hill walking and trekking, outings and even family walks.
At the Maristel Hotel & Spa you'll find everything you need to enjoy your favourite sport; from comfortable rooms where you can rest, to our healthy food Bistro with breakfasts for sports enthusiasts. You can also use our spa with its thermal baths to completely recharge yourself, plus our washing machine to wash your sports gear to get ready for your next route.

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