Maristel Hotel & Spa



From 26 / 11 / 2022 to 27 / 11 / 2022

Music transform people…

Music touches us, music can energise us or calm us down. Music can awaken our emotions and it plays a really supportive role in therapy, health and care of people of all ages.

We would like to introduce you to a very innovative instrument, the Sound Cradle or Klangwiege, where sounds are perceived vibro-acoustically throughout your entire body, providing a great effect, because they work on three levels at the same time:

Muscular level: these relax due to vibration

Nervous System level: both deep and surface sensitivity is stimulated

Thought Level: Brainwaves are slowed down so that even without mental techniques, images of inner resources can surface and new sources of power can be found.


You lie in the semi-circular shaped cradle, feeling protected as if you were in your mother's womb, while the sounds of the strings resonate throughout your body. This is achieved by the unusual construction of the sound cradle, which makes it possible to actually be inside the resonance chamber of the instrument. On the outside, strings are placed to the right and left to vibrate the entire wooden body and therefore also the person inside, who is completely immersed in the sound.


Since receiving an award  at the World Congress of Music Therapy in 1996, the Klangwiege has provided hundreds of hours of unique healing to many people around the world.


Live the experience of sound vacations and benefit from the happiness that being bathed in sound transmits in the following way:

– you can experience a feeling of lightness and calm

– your thoughts remain calm

– breathing becomes deeper

– a beneficial vibration arises in your body

– the heart beats more calmly, relaxation spreads

– an inner space opens up

– you reach your inner self and feel connected to everything

– peace and joy reach you

– you reappear with a relaxed smile


The sound bath is the new spa! Reserve a weekend of sound and enjoy in body and soul the wonderful effect of physically perceptible sounds.


What does the event include?

·        Individual session in sound cradle of 1 hour on Saturday or Sunday

·        2 hour Sound and relaxation group session on Saturday & Sunday

·        1 nights accommodation in a double room with half board (Breakfast and dinner, drinks not included)

·        Access to the Spa 1 hour daily



Double room €450 for 2 people 

Double room for single use €275 per person


Limited capacity min 3 and max 8 people

Workshops are taught in German / Spanish